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Here we have a selection of bountiful dishes which includes fritters, dumplings, and escovitch fish, covered with enticing peppers and fresh herbs, We also serve fiery, fragrant, spicy jerk chicken covered with fresh herbs and peppers. Our rice and peas dish is rich and steamed to perfection, topped off and an optional serving of mouth-wateringly luscious plantain slices. In part we provide chicken breast in heavenly bursts of flavour, serving in addition to our wide selection of salads. In the gallery we also have a saucy, flavoursome helping of barbeque chicken served with green and red chillies. To see our dishes along with the expanded product Range please take a look at our images provided below.

Our Callaloo Dumplings
Dumplings stuffed with Seasoned Callaloo
Our Saltfish Dumplings
Dumplings stuffed with Seasoned Saltfish
Saltfish Fritters
A crispy, well-flavoured delicious fish appetiser.
Selection of Canapes
Range of appetiser includes Dumplings stuffed with Callaloo, Saltfish Dumpling and Saltfish Fritters
Cocktail Dumplings
A small and savoury appetiser.
Selection of Canapes
Prawns in filo pastry, Vegetable Samosas, Saltfish fritters and Vegetable spring rolls.
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A Selection of Canapes


A Selection of Meat Dishes 

Brown Stew Chicken
Slow cooked Brown Stew Chicken, a main dish served with Rice and peas with a sprig Onion garnish
Curried Chicken
Chicken slow cooked in aromatic herbs and spices topped with spring onion garnish.
Oxtail & Butter Beans
Meltingly tender oxtail served with one of a variety of lima beans.
Fiery Jerk Chicken
Chicken cooked in a jerk pan. Another traditional Caribbean dish.
Crispy Fried Chicken
Spicy Southern Fried Chicken with Panko Breadcrumbs
Barbeque Chicken with Fresh Chillies and Spring Onion
Chicken smothered in Homemade Barbecue sauce with green chillies and spring onions.
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A Selection of Fish Dishes 

Pan Fried Snapper
Pan fried snapper on a bed of carrot and sweet potato mash with a side of plantain.
Roast Fish
Roasted Yellow Tail Snapper stuffed with spinach and ocro.
Escovitch Fish
Pan fried Red Bream fish, garnished with Pickled onions and peppers.
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A Selection of Vegetarian Dishes

Stuffed Bell Peppers
Bell peppers stuffed with cous cous and mushrooms on a bed of salad. A vegetarian option.
Our Ackaloo Dish
Ackee & Saltfish on a bed of Callaloo with a side of Dumpling
Five Bean Totilla Wrap
Selection of lima beans cooked in aromatic herbs and spices.
Vegetable Stew Peas
A selection of seasonal vegetables with red kidney beans in a stew.
Macaroni Cheese with Tomato Garnish
Macaroni Cheese with Spring Onion &Tomato Garnish
Rice and Peas with fry Plantain
A traditional Anglo-Caribbean dish, served as a side among other dishes.
Coleslaw with Chanel Cucumbers
Fresh green salad made with lettuce, sweet peppers, and other organic vegetables.
Tuna Pasta Salad
Tuna with Mayonnaise a selection of diced bell peppers.
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Stuffed Bell Peppers

Bell peppers stuffed with cous cous and mushrooms on a bed of salad. A vegetarian option.