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Weddings and Baby Showers 

From intimate private gatherings in the home to lavish banquets and business lunches, we deliver the highest quality and affordability to make your event or party different from the rest.

We value the importance of our clients having a good time with great food during their dining experience. 

Taste & presentation go hand in hand which is why we focus all our care, attention and effort into tailoring our food, style and service to meet the needs of our clients.

Corporate and Private Dining 

Our reputation amongst our local community & clients is the core of this business. We depend on old-fashioned word of mouth which means a lot to us. The continuous growth of our clients and reputation in service is both rewarding and humbling. 


We have catered for several events from family dinners, lunch parties, Weddings, Christenings, seasonal parties; Christmas and New Year, even funerals. To learn more about our events and clients click here.

With the growing demand for private catering and the idea of sharing food with family & friends from the comfort of our clients' homes, our focus has always been and continues to be our clients and creating a private dining experience perfect for any occasion.

Special Events

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We cover every kind of event from a private gathering of friends, a stylish wedding to a formal business dinner. Large or small we cover a vast range of different events for our diverse clients. We know some parties or events maybe require additional finishing touches like a celebratory cake, so we got you cover!  We can offer our clients bespoke cakes & desserts that not only look good but taste great too. Check out the Cake Shop to see more. 

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